Mechanical Seals

Таблица заменяемости торцовых уплотнений
№ п/пSeal type
Single mechanical seals
1 ТМ 60-110 БО-60;ОП,ОК,ОНК,ОНП-60;60УТ
2 ТМ 70-120 БО-70;ОП,ОК,ОНК,ОНП-70;70УТ
3 ТМ 80-130 БО-80;ОП,ОК,ОНК,ОНП-80;80УТ
4 ТМ 90-140 БО-90;ОП,ОНК,ОНП-90;90УТ
Double mechanical seals
1 2ТМ 60-110 ДНК-60,ДК-60;60УТД
2 2ТМ 70-120 ДНК-70,ДК-70;70УТД
3 2ТМ 80-130 ДНК-80,ДК-80;80УТД
4 2ТМ 90-140 ДНК-90,ДК-90;90УТД
Single mechanical seals with a cooling unit on shaft
1 ТМХ 60-110 60УТХ
2 ТМХ 70-120 70УТХ
3 ТМХ 80-130 80УТХ
4 ТМХ 90-140 90УТХ
Doublr tandem mechanical seals
1 2ТМТ 60-110 ДН-60М, 60УТТ
2 2ТМТ 70-120 ДН-70М, 70УТТ
3 2ТМТ 80-130 ДН-80М, 80УТТ
4 2ТМТ 90-140 ДН-90М, 90УТТ
Double tandem mechanical seals with a cooling unit on shaft
1 2ТМХ 60-110 ДНТ-60, 60УТДХ
2 2ТМХ 70-120 ДНТ-70, 70УТДХ
3 2ТМХ 80-130 ДНТ-80, 80УТДХ
4 2ТМХ 90-140 ДНТ-90, 90УТДХ
Double tandem mechanical seals with a cooling unit
1 2ТМТХ 60-110 С (50.013) 60УТТХ
2 2ТМТХ 70-120 С (50.014) 70УТТХ
3 2ТМТХ 80-130 С (50.015) 80УТТХ
4 2ТМТХ 90-140 С (50.016) 90УТТХ


Single mechanical seals ТМ, ТМП, ТМХ type are used in non-corrosive liquids, neutral and nontoxic liquids. Usually these seals are used to replace the seal БО mark. Seals TM and ТМП type (with an additional seal in the form of a slit sleeve in the body) can be applied to water, aqueous solutions of salts, acids and alkalis, cold oil and petroleum products cold (temperature not exceeding 80 С). Fluid should have a good lubricity and to be sufficiently clean (up to 0,2% solids). If the liquid contains solid abrasive particles than seal hydrocyclone type are used. Mechanical seal TMX (with built-in refrigerator at the shaft) is used only in hot environments with temperature of + 200 °С.

Tandem mechanical seals 2ТМТ and 2ТМТХ typere used in cases where single seals can not be applied because of necessity to provide the required level of safety (hot oil, flammable and toxic liquids etc). Tandem mechanical seals are used only with a reservoir according to the plan 52 of API 682 for pure liquids (not more than 0,2% impurities) with a good lubricity, because internal friction pair operates on the fluid, and external on the buffer fluid from a reservoir.
Mechanical seal 2TMT type is used at temperatures up to + 200 °C with a reservoir.
Mechanical seal 2ТМТХ type is used at temperature of + 200 to + 400 °C with a reservoir.
Tandem mechanical seals 2TMT and 2TMTH type are installed instead of the tandem mechanical seals ДН…М, УСГ, УТТ, УТТХ marks etc.

Double mechanical seals 2TM and 2 ТМХ type are usedwhere it is unacceptable out of pumping agent (poisonous, radioactive, explosive liquids and gases) into atmosphere. These seals are also used if a pumping agent has poor lubricity (gases, liquefied gases) or a pumping agent is heavily contaminated with abrasive inclusions (up to 25%) or have a possibility of coking, polymerization, crystallization, etc.
Double mechanical seals are used only with the barrier fluid. The pressure of the barrier fluid exceeds the sealing of 1 ... 3 kgs/sm2 (API plan 53 and 54). Both the friction pairs are working on the barrier fluid, part of which goes into the pumping agent, and part of the barrier fluid goes into the atmosphere.
Mechanical seal 2TM type is used at temperatures up to + 200 °C with a reservoir (API Plan 53) or with the supply of barrier fluid from an external source (API Plan 54).
Mechanical seal 2TMH type is used at temperature of + 200 to + 400 °C (API Plan 53 and 54).
Double mechanical seals 2TM type are installed instead of double mechanical seals ДК, ДНК, БД, УТД marks etc.
Double mechanical seals 2TMH type are installed instead of double mechanical seals ДНТ, УТДХ marks etc.

Mechanical seals for pumps in Power Industry

Kharkovmash offers mechanical seals for a wide range of pumps for power industry: feeding, circuit, condensate and circulation pumps.

At the design of seals for feeding pumps it was excluded shortcomings of traditional seals T-85, T-105 T-120 type. The range of mechanical seal applications is expanded significantly for sealing pressures and sliding speeds. Typically, this seal of cartridge type that simplifies their installation and removal.
Mechanical seal for vertical condensate pumps КсВ (KsV) are designed specially for vertical operation of equipment, operating under a possible cavitation.

Mechanical seals for pumps with a horizontal connector СЭ и ЦН provide a reliable seal in place of an output shaft from the body of pump.

Mechanical seals ТБ-120

Purpose. Mechanical seals ТБ-120 type are intended for replacement of out-of-date mechanical seals Т-120 mark which are used for hermetic sealing shaft of centrifugal feeding pumps ПЭ 380 and ПЭ 580 type.


  • The sealed agent is feed water, water condensate, chemically desalinated water.
  • Temperature of the sealed agent is up to 200ºС.
  • Operative pressure of the sealed agent is up to 8,0 МPa (statics up to 10,0 MPa).
  • Frequency of rotation of a shaft is up to 10,000 rev per min.
  • Outflow of the sealed agent is up to 20 sm³/h.

The description of a design Mechanical seals ТБ-120 type are completely interchangeable with seals of Т-120 mark according to connecting and overall dimensions. These seals are established on a rotor plug of a shaft without additional modification.
The use of modern wear resistant substance and advanced design of rings of seal pair allows to increase significantly a resource of sealing ТБ-120 and to raise reliability of feeding pumps.

Mechanical seals for oil mainline pumps

The following mechanical seals are used in oil mainline pumps:

  • mechanical seals ТМ (ТМ-85М, ТМ-105М, ТМ-120М, ТМ-140М), Т (Т-85, Т-105, Т-120, Т-140) marks;
  • mechanical seals ТМП 85-185, ТМП 105-195, ТМП 120-200 marks instead of mechanical seals ЛМП mark;
  • rings for mechanical seals made from modern wear resistant substance.

We design and manufacture mechanical seals instead of seals made by "John Crane", "Teodor Burgmann", "Flowserve".

№ п/пУплотнение торцовое, № чертежаМарка насоса
Для нефтяные магистральные насосы (НМ)
1 Н12.86.170.00СБ НМ 125-550, НМ 180-500
НМ 250-475, НМ 360-460
2 Н12.86.170.00СБ НМ 500-300
3 Н12.129.150.00СБ НМ 500-800
4 Т-85.00.00-01 НМ 125-550, НМ 180-500
НМ 250-475, НМ 360-460
НМ 500-300, НМ 710-280
5 Т-85.00.00-01 НМ 710-280
6 Н12.50.200.00СБ НМ 1250-260
7 Н12.102.150.00СБ НМ 1250-400
8 Н12.48.200.00СБ НМ 2500-230
9 ТМ 85М НМ 3600-210 (230)
10 ТМ 105М НМ 7000-230
11 ТМ 120М НМ 10000-260
12 РН12.003.200.00
(ЛМП 3221-85И)
НМ 3600-210 (230)
13 Н12.165.200.00
(ЛМП 3221-105И)
НМ 7000-210
14 РН12.004.200.00
(ЛМП 3221-120И)
НМ 10000-210
15 Н12.131.150.00СБ НГ 200-510
Насосы для поддержания давления в нефтяных пластах (ЦНС)
16 Н05.107.150.00СБ ЦНС 63-1400, ЦНС 63-1800
ЦНС 90-1100, ЦНС 90-1400
ЦНС 90-1800
Запасные части к торцовым уплотнениям
17 Т-85.00.08 Пружина
18 Т-85.10.02 Кольцо графитовое
19 Т-105.10.02 Кольцо графитовое
20 Т-120.10.02 Кольцо графитовое