Artesian Submersible Pumps


Centrifugal pumps and artesian units are designed for transferring and piping, pumping out from underground reservoirs water, oil, petroleum and other liquids, non-corrosive to ferrous metals and rubber, with content of mechanical impurities is not more than 0,1% (by weight).

Characteristics of pumping agent:

  • Temperatures of piping water is up to 308 K (35 °C).
  • Temperatures of petroleum and petroleum products is from 233 K to 353 K (from - 40 to 80 °C).
  • The maximum density of petroleum or petroleum products is 0,95 х 103 kg/m3.
  • Kinematic viscosity is from 0,01 x10–4 to 0,8 x10–4 m²/s.

Oil artesian units are explosion-proof execution and allow to make pumping out of liquids in heavy explosion or fire dangerous areas of production.

The feature of artesian pumps is that the pump is submerged in a reservoir but a motor is located above the reservoir. Coupling them together are carried out by a set of sections with transmission shaft that allows pumping out of liquids from tanks, buried up to 80 meters. The minimum distance to the bottom of the tank is at least 200 mm.

Equipment is certified. Conformance Certificate № РОСС UA.АВ24.В03359

Technical characteristics
Dimension type of unitNominal supply, m3/hNominal pressure, мSpeed of rotation, per minEngine power, кWMaximum number of sectionsOverall dimensions, mmWeight, kg
А20А-18х1  600 28 1470 75; 380 9 27000х1040х1040 5765
А20А-18х1-М1 600 28 1470 75; 380 9 26825х1040х1040 5580
А20А-18х3 600 85 1470 250; 380 или 250; 6000 33 83310х1040х1040 15395
А24А-18х1 1200 45 1470 16 43640х1040х1040 11460
А20НА-22х3* 600 65 1470 160; 380/660 8 11875х1040х1040 3715
А20НА-22х3-М1* 600 65 1470 160; 380/660 8 13560х1040х1040 3840

Note: The length and weight are specified for units with a maximum number of sections. It is possible upon request to produce pumps with non-standard length of transmission and less number of sections.
* All spare parts are manufactured.